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Firearms Safety and Skills Course.


The concept of a course for young students in firearm discipline, is to entrench and develop habits of safe handling with an understanding of the responsible use and ownership of firearms demanded by our modern society. This is reinforced by the development of base skills that will enable these students achieve a mindset and confidence to launch onto the road to mastering Practical Marksmanship.

There is lots of teaching, lots of shooting, lots of fun!

Sparrowhawk NZ unashamedly aim this course at those that are too young to apply for a Firearms License, but will be in an environment where firearms are either present or part of their life. This is an essential life skill. Responsibility builds good citizens.

Students will receive a Certificate on completion of the course.


Course outline:

(This basic outline should not be considered a complete syllabus.)

Performance Objectives.

Classroom Theory understanding:

  1. Firearms development.

  2. Firearms types/actions.

  3. Firearms nomenclature.

  4. Choosing a firearm and caliber.

  5. Practical Ballistics of the rifle and cartridge.

  6. Achieving a zero with your rifle.

  7. Humane shot placement

  8. Firearm tuning and accessories.

  9. You and the Law.

  10. The Seven Rules of Firearm Safety.

  11. Game animal anatomy and shot placement.

  12. Gun cleaning and maintenance.

  13. Humane livestock dispatch.

Practical Firearms handling:

  1. Range Safety Rules and Conduct.

  2. The Practical rifle mindset.

  3. Basic Marksmanship stance.

  4. Practical rifle technique.

  5. Loading / unloading firearms.

  6. The firing stroke.

  7. Achieving a Zero

  8. Clearing malfunctions.

  9. Supported firing positions.

  10. The use of the rifle sling.

  11. Position shooting 15- 300 metres.

  12. Carry methods.

  13. Pivots and turns.

2 day course
Course Price: $600


The Course is designed to expose the students to the widest range of weapon systems practically available. To this end we can provide for students, as most have yet to acquire their own personal firearm.

Students will predominately use .22 Rimfire (approx. 500 rounds) with additional small calibre centre fire (e.g. .223 or own small calibre; minimum 20 rounds) and shotgun (minimum 25 rounds) on the second day; dependant that skill and safety levels have been attained on the smaller calibre.

Students are encouraged to bring the firearm they are likely to be using under supervision to promote familiarity with their own firearm (especially.22’s and use one centre fire rifle throughout the course). If not in the calibres prescribed, bring their own ammunition also. (Please no home reloaded ammunition). Firearms should be in a safe working condition. We can supply firearms by arrangement.

Pre-course study: It is expected that applicants will have procured a copy of “The Arms Code” from their local Police, have read and have some familiarity with the contents.




The Sparrowhawk Range Complex at Shenley Station is a registered private facility. The home of the Cave Pistol Club, recognised by the NZ Police and Pistol NZ. The facility, comprising of eight united ranges and simulators to facilitate handgun, practical rifle, sporting shotgun, assault rifle and combat shotgun and open country precision rifle.



Emphasis being on practical shooting, both paper and steel reactive targets are used.



Applicants are encouraged to provide their own firearms, their own ammunition also. . Firearms should be in a safe working condition.



If you are not suppling own ammunition we can provide an ammunition package for the course by prior arrangement.

If we are notified a specific Match ammunition package can be supplied.

Reloaded ammunition policy: Dedicated home loads, developed for Precision Rifle or  fully developed reloaded ammunition is acceptable. Do not use our courses as an opportunity to test or develop your home loads.



For first time students especially, bring an open mind and a sense of humour- and be prepared for the most enjoyable and most challenging days you’ve ever spent with a firearm. 



Hearing protection, safety glasses, hat, seasonal clothing, warm clothing, Boots, Wet weather gear (we don’t stop!), water bottle, knee pads, elbow pads (optional). A pack that you can fit all this in! An ammunition carrier is a useful addition, as is a belt or pouch carrier. Flashlight, small hand held intense (60 lumen minimum) flashlight with a rear button actuation switch is desirable. Quality flashlights are available for purchase by prior arrangement.



Comfortable accommodation (Homestead style) is available by request onsite. Cottage sleeps 12 people, is fully furnished with cooking utensils and cutlery provided. Students will however need to provide their own food and bring sleeping bags or bedding.

Price: $45 pp/night

Albury Inn is located 12km from the ranges and has firearms friendly accomodation.



It is your responsibility to inform us of any of the above to facilitate the continuity of the Course for both the students and the Instructors. Shooting with movement, under stress, requires students to have a reasonable level of fitness.


Our Instructors will endeavour to provide the best firearms and practical training in their field and are invited because; of their knowledge of the doctrine and communication skills along with their standing in associations involved their discipline. We endeavour to keep a student/instructor ratio of 3:1.



It should not be necessary to point out that firearms can cause severe inadvertent damage in careless hands. There are no “accidents” with guns – only negligence. You will be carefully and forcefully instructed in the principles of safe gun handling. Any student who unsafely discharges his/her firearm on or off the range during the Course will be dismissed from the Course.



A Release, Discharge, Indemnity form will be required to be filled out by all applicants, any visitor, observer or other persons not actively on the Course, on entering the property and prior to the commencement of the Course. A copy of which can be found Here

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