Sparrowhawk New Zealand Ltd has been operating since 2005 and is a company formed to facilitate the provision of Practical firearms training, application and mindset.


The range of Sparrowhawk NZ course curriculum spreads from developing entry level and novice small arms training and firearm safety skills in rifle, handgun, carbine and shotgun in competition or sporting applications, through to Advanced Tactical applications of the above systems and mental conditioning for high stress interpersonal conflict to military and Law Enforcement personnel.

At a civilian and sporting level it is a well researched fact that those that have
safe and considerate education in the use of firearms and hunting make for
the most stable and responsible citizens. We owe the youth of today, in a
changing world, and those adults that wish, the opportunity to develop and
entrench these safe skills and habits in a controlled environment; that they can take them into their lives and the community, perpetuating and enhancing traditional New Zealand culture and way of life.


Just as importantly, we cater for sport and competition entrenching good habits, mindset, and safe discipline into their doctrine.

Sparrowhawk NZ offers dynamic and practical courses promoting the concept
of “The Modern Technique” developed by the late Col. Jeff Cooper over 30 years ago. This proven foundation of embedded skills and mental conditioning is used as the basis for Sparrowhawk’s skill at arms training doctrine.


The opportunity to study the “skill at arms” in a formal institution has not been offered across this stratum in New Zealand using the facilities or the level of expertise Sparrowhawk NZ has the abilities at hand to resource.


Be you an entry level, a recreational shooter , IPSC or multi-discipline competitor, our programs will up-skill you.