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Course Profiles

All courses have ammunition packages for any calibre available through sparrowhawk with prior notice. please enquire for ammunition pricing and availability.
“Young Guns”

Firearms Safety and Skills Course.

The concept of a course for young students in firearm discipline, is to entrench and develop habits of safe handling with an understanding of the responsible use and ownership of firearms demanded by our modern society. This is reinforced by the development of base skills that will enable these students achieve a mindset and confidence to launch onto the road to mastering Practical Marksmanship. There is lots of teaching, lots of shooting, lots of fun!
We unashamedly aim this course at those that are too young to apply for a Firearms License, but will be in an environment where firearms are either present or part of their life. This is an essential life skill. Responsibility builds good citizens.


Students will receive a Certificate on completion of the course.

Course Length: Two Days (weekend)

Ammo requirements: All ammunition is supplied.

Prerequisites: None.


Practical Rifle is for those who want a comprehensive course in the essential elements of field rifle-craft, especially useful for hunters and those emplyed in pest control. Whether a novice or a shooter who wants to enhance existing skills, this course will challenge and strengthen your marksmanship where it really counts -- in the field. The class will provide a thorough understanding of exterior and terminal ballistics at ranges from 25 to 300m, and students will learn to hit quickly from standing, kneeling, squatting, sitting and prone positions. You will shoot in simulators paralleling conditions in the field, with an emphasis on quick target acquisition at extended and unknown ranges. By the end of your course, if you can see it, you’ll probably be able to hit it – on demand and under time pressure.

Course Length: Two Days

Ammo requirements: Minimum 200 rounds

Prerequisites: NZ Firearms license.



This Sparrowhawk Practical Pistol Course will teach you to control your immediate environment. You’ll learn marksmanship, gun handling and mindset. Practical Pistol will give you two solid days of range work, lectures and intense simulators (including low light). Through our systematic and dynamic methodology you will achieve competence and great new skills. Whether you be an entry level pistol competitor or experienced aficionado, you will develop entrenched manipulation skills and be prepared to prevail in a high stress competition environment. We push you for faster time-on-target. You will shoot on the move and on moving target arrays, and you will greatly increase your practical skills. You will train in exciting simulators.

Course Length: 2 days including one night shoot.

Ammo requirements: 500 rounds
Prerequisite: NZ Firearms license, B category endorsement.


Whether used in competition (IPSC) or for pest control operations this course will give you command of one of the least-understood systems. The shotgun is a multi-ammunition type delivery system, with authority and potential for exceptional precision, out to and beyond 100m. The shotgun’s flexibility demands a special set of manipulation skills, making it a “thinking person’s” weapons system, for those competing, this course will cement the best attitudes and habits.
You will learn the marksmanship and manipulations that will help you to master this potent arm. You’ ll learn ammunition selection, continuity of fire and malfunction clearances. You’l l have plenty of simulators where targets range from 5 to 100m. The shotgun is a demanding 
system, but it is extremely effective when employed properly.

Course Length: Two Days

Ammo requirement: 25 Slug, 50 Buckshot, 200 Birdshot

Prerequisites: NZ Firearms License and any appropriate Endorsements.


Sparrowhawk Carbine is an introduction to the special characteristics of this nearly universal system. You’ll learn manipulation, continuity of fire, use of various sighting systems
and flashlight techniques for low light conditions/spotlighting. Application of thermal imaging and night vision optics when appropriate. You’ ll learn quick acquisition of best position for a good hit , and malfunction clearance. You’ l l learn to get first round hits out to 300m. As we progress, time pressure is increased as distance to target is decreased, mirroring conditions from the field or competition. Advanced manipulations, short reaction times are stressed in this fast-paced, hard-driving course. You will learn to shoot from unusual , but effective positions. Carbine is demanding. It is also equally rewarding. A perfect course for pest control  and contract culling.

Course Length: Two Days

Ammo requirement: 250 Rounds

Prerequisites: NZ Firearms License and any appropriate Endorsements.


One of the fastest growing shooting disciplines in New Zealand shooting sports. This precision rifle course covers the techniques required to achieve first round hits out to 700m in the
field. The focus of the class is on marksmanship, mental and technical manipulation skills in this increasingly popular discipline.

Course Length: Two Days

Ammo requirement: min 200 rounds 

Prerequisites: NZ Firearms License and any appropriate Endorsements.


Building on the skills acquired in the Fundamentals course the focus moves to environmental factors, applied physics and building the techniques required to achieve hits out to 1000m under match conditions. The focus of the class is on marksmanship, mental and technical manipulation and environmental interpretation skills in this increasingly popular discipline.

Course Length: Two Days

Ammo requirement: min 150 rounds 

Prerequisites: Precision Rifle Fundamentals, NZ Firearms License and any appropriate Endorsements.

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