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2020 Individual Long Rifle Challenge

New Format


Where: Located in the hills behind Albury,15min from Fairlie , 45 min from Timaru.

When: 5 Dec 2020.

Zero: 4 Dec from 1200 – 1600hrs

Cost: $125

Meals: provide own meals.


This Challenge will consist of 9 stages:            5 - 10 rounds per stage min 90rds.


Targets will be between 200-800 with a couple out to 1000m, There will be prone and non-prone shooting. (You will need to provide own shooting aides e.g. shooting sticks/bags). The course of fire is suitable for all fitness levels. Each shooter will need to carry own equipment(but not far).

4WD access only onto range,  The shoot will go on regardless of inclement but not serious weather.


There will be a 100m range available Friday afternoon (4th) to zero your rifle, (no other time is available).

Absolutely no steel core or other hardened/penetrator projectiles.


Competition briefing each day will be 8.30 am,

Firearms licence to be presented before shooting is allowed.


Everyone present will be required to sign a release, discharge, indemnity form at the first briefing prior to match commencement. A copy of which, for information purposes, can be found on the website.


For accommodation requirements please contact us. you are welcome to pitch a tent as well if you are brave enough.


Competition limited to 30 shooters. Confirmation of entry on receipt of payment.


To order a registration form use the email at the bottom of this page:

Nick Fisher on 021 166 6843




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