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Shooting Events

From time to time Sparrowhawk will open the training facilities up for some special events


Keep an eye on homepage for up coming activities.

Practice Days

These will be one day events focussing on one type of weapon at a time (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Precision Rifle) where various targets and limited courses of fire will be made available for individual practice at own pace. You can come up and take advantage of the facilities to test that new gun or just to change your training environment. Available spaces will be limited on these so keep an eye on the course schedule and register early.

Coached Training Days

Just like the practice days, ranges will be made available and some courses of fire set up that will deliberately test specific aspects of performance. Additionally, some of our instructors will be available to identify and assist with any difficulties you may encounter. Registering will be essential as spaces will be limited.


Competitive events

Throughout the year Sparrowhawk will be hosting a number of competitive events covering specific disciplines.


Events will cover Duck shooting eye openers, Hunter Challenges and long range precision rifle. Keep an eye on the schedule for event details.


IPSC and Three Gun Match may also be hosted at the facilities in conjunction with Cave Pistol Club.


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