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Hunter Prep Outline

(This basic outline should not be considered a complete syllabus.)

Cost: $772 incl GST and Accomodation.


Day one;

                  AM:        Classroom registration and administration.

                                 Square Range. review equipment, safety rules,                     

                                 manipulation, zero weapons. The firing stroke.

                                 Shooting  position basics.

                                 Ammunition carriage and management.


                   PM:        Position shooting 25m. Dry fire drills, achieve zero 100m.

                                  Malfunction drills, position shooting 5- 100m, Snap and

                                  Point Shooting introduction to movement, pivots and turns.


Day two;

                  AM:         Review.

                                  Position shooting 5-200m, shooting with movement,

                                  Outdoor simulators, extended 300m and 400m ranges.


                  PM:         Shoot off. Graduation


Practical Rifle equipment/ apparel and accessories:


  Rifle, minimum 300 rounds ammunition. No armor-piercing or incendiary ammo allowed. Hearing protection, safety glasses, hat, seasonal clothing, warm clothing, Boots, Wet weather gear (we don’t stop!), water bottle, knee pads, elbow pads (optional). An ammunition carrier is a useful addition, as is a belt or pouch carrier. Range bag and cleaning supplies, sunscreen (in summer).


Guidelines for Sparrowhawk Hunter Prep Students.



  Bear in mind that this is a Practical rifle course. Most of our work will be done at 200m or less, under reasonable time pressure and using intermediate or field-expedient shooting positions. If you are a hunter or an aspiring hunter, bring the rifle you intend to carry in the field. Iron sighted or military rifles are also suitable. You are welcome to use a heavy-barrelled precision rifle, mounting a high power scope, but it won’t give you an advantage and may actually hinder some of our firing drills.


  We require a sling on your rifle. A simple leather or nylon carry strap is adequate, but still better is a three point or military loop sling that can also provide shooting support when properly applied.(Effective use of a shooting sling will be part of your training.)



  Any centrefire calibre is acceptable, with non magnum cartridges preferred ( this saves wear and tear on both our reactive targets and your shoulder, over the period of the Course.

  If you plan to supply your own ammunition, you’ll need to ensure that it feeds and fires reliably in your rifle before your arrival at Sparrowhawk. Match grade performance is not essential. We don’t allow steel cored or tracer ammunition on any of our Ranges.

  You will also need the means to carry readily-accessable spare rounds, belt loops/ pouches or buttstock carriers will all suffice.



  Both hearing protection and eye protection are mandatory at all times while on our ranges.


  For first time students especially, bring an open mind and a sense of humour- and be  prepared for the most enjoyable and most challenging two days you’ve ever spent with a rifle.

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